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Get Behind in Your Workouts! Glute Training!

Glute Training Tips from 2018 Olympia Figure Competitor Maria Barns. Everyone wants to look their best. It’s one of the main reasons why we work out. Sure, some people say they do it for their health, but the truth is that unless we’re dealing with specific health issues like high blood pressure or cholesterol or

Competition Tanning Tips for Stage, Bikini and Bodybuilding

Make your competition easier and get your spray tan done at your competition if it’s possible. So many athletes have no idea why they have to go through the inconvenience of getting  so tan for their competition. You train so hard and often have a trainer, you diet and prep for months, but when it

How to Design Your Competition Bikini

You are in control of designing your competition bikini. You get to choose! The Color of your Fabric! The Crystal Design! The Style of your bikini! The Connectors! How do you choose the best color/fabric for your competition bikini or figure suit? The color of your competition suit is very important! Here’s a quick checklist.

Competition Bikini Care and Figure Suit Care

How to Clean Your Competition Bikini or Figure Suit. You finally made it through your first bikini competition, figure competition or physique competition! Now it’s time to clean your custom suit, “what should I do?”. How in the heck are you going to get the bikini bite and spray tan off your prized possession? We’re

Bikini Sponsorship, How to Become a Sponsored Athlete

We offer a few different types of sponsorship’s, from Diamond Level Pro Sponsorship to Brand Ambassadors.      Here’s everything you want to know about becoming a sponsored athlete. What are we looking for in our Sponsored Athletes? First, we are very selective when it comes to sponsoring an athlete for competition bikinis and figure suits. We

How to become a Swimwear Brand Ambassdor

Suits You Swimwear Brand Ambassador Are you great at Social and feel you can be a good brand ambassador or brand influencer? The most important thing about being a competition bikini brand ambassador is Engagement! If you are selected as a Suits You Swimwear Brand Ambassador. You receive the following: We will send a couple Posing Practice