How to Design Your Competition Bikini

You are in control of designing your competition bikini.

You get to choose!
The Color of your Fabric!
The Crystal Design!
The Style of your bikini!
The Connectors!

How do you choose the best color/fabric for your competition bikini or figure suit?

The color of your competition suit is very important! Here’s a quick checklist.

You should decide if your going to keep your hair color the same?
Another consideration is your eye color, you may want to play off the color of your eyes too.
Skin tone does count, but you’re going to be much darker with your competition tan.

Do you want/like cool tones? Blue, Purple, Turquoise Teal, Mint and so on.
Do you want/like warm tones? Red, Burgundy, Yellow, Orange, Cranberry and so on.
A generic rule is “Dark Hair = Dark Colors” (we did say generic).

Color Tones

Are you going to have lots of crystals on your competition bikini or figure suit?
A lot of Crystals on your competition suit can and will change the look/color of your suit.
So, what is more important to you, Color or Crystals?
You also need to keep your budget in mind, more crystals equal a higher budget.
Do you want contrasting color crystals on your suit?

You can order FREE swatches to help with your decision.

How do you choose the best Crystal Design for your competition suit?

Swarovski Crystals

A few considerations when choosing the crystal design of your competition bikini.
First is the your budget, the more crystals you want, the more expensive it’s going to be.
Second is your taste, are you a flashy girl who likes lots of bling? Are you a girl who likes to keep it simple?
As mentioned above, a lot of Crystals on your competition suit can and will change the look/color of your suit.
What is more important to you, the color of your bikini or the “bling” of your bikini?

The Style of your competition bikini is extremely important! So how do you choose?

Coverage of your bottom can and will make a huge difference.
First, you need be aware of the rules for the specific competition you are doing and or federation (NPC, PAC, NGA and so on).
Next is your comfort level, this mainly applies to new competitors.

How to Choose the Best Style Bikini Connectors for Your Body Type.

Bikini Connectors

Selecting the right bikini connector for your competition bikini is important.
Keep in mind “Symmetry” when choosing connectors. Everyone has a different body type. Are you “curvy”? Do you have “narrow hips”?
Curvy and Lean, you have the most options, the “medium width” connectors are best for you (not to big, not to small).
Narrow Hips / Muscular Waist, the “thinner” connectors worn high on the sides will help give you the illusion of a smaller waist and fuller hips. Also, the “Drape” connectors will help make your hips look fuller.
Fuller Hips with a Small Waist, the “medium width” connectors are best.
We suggest Matching connectors for the Top Neck Straps for the best symmetry.
For the Top Center connector, keep in mind the spacing in between your breast. The most popular one is our S-46, it works on most body types and cup sizes.