Femininity and Muscle

Femininity and Muscle, by IFBB Women’s Physique Pro Brie Eubanks

Femininity Muscle

This is for my ladies out there who care about Femininity Muscle. You would think in a an industry such as “fitness or “bodybuilding” that balance would be easy? Balance in life, balance in diet, balance in shape and symmetry, balance of muscle and beauty. Some are easier than others, some more difficult. In a sport where everyone is trying to be unique, one of a kind….how do you stand out? First there is the physical appearance,  your height, your build…in a line of 15 girls who are all similar…how do you stand out? Surely having the “best” physique, but remember there are several others with similar attributes.

IFBB Pro Brie Eubanks Femininity Muscle

My tip. Think of “show” animals, ie; dogs, cats or horses even. There is always one that sticks out. Maybe the coat is shinier than the rest. Maybe its perfectly groomed. Maybe it’s just a gorgeous animal, but something draws your eyes to it. That’s what you have to accomplish ON TOP of having the “best” physique. I know trends and whatnot influence style, but if YOUR style is “edgy” or “bold” you may want to consider softening it for your show. It’s not to dull down your image, rather to let the judges look at you. If you have a look that makes you stand out because it’s “loud” the judges will look past you. You want to draw their attention TO YOU and your femininity muscle, not AWAY from you. Customize a suit to your “bold” image, but be modest with jewelry and makeup. Too much is TOO MUCH.

Femininity Muscle photo shoot

Think of the top Olympia contenders…they do not have pink, blue, magenta hair, dreadlocks or shaved heads, covered in tattoos or piercings. They just don’t. They are feminine and muscular. A look that is entirely achievable by all athletes. Know your division, adhere to their rules and guidelines. But above all else be a beautiful, feminine woman with muscle!!!

Femininity Muscle in a bikini

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