Marcia Goncalves, IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete

IFBB Pro Marcia Goncalves Joins Suits You Swimwear!

Marcia Goncalves, IFBB Pro

We are honored to sponsor a 3 time Olympian and 7-time IFBB Pro Champion!

Marcia is working with Lucy to design her EXCLUSIVE One of a Kind competition bikinis! Between Lucy’s creativity, Marcia’s passion and a little help from Coach Dan from D4, these custom competition suits are going to be show stoppers!

Marcia Goncalves, Olympian Athlete

Here’s a little bit about Marcia.

I always liked to play sports, since little demonstrating flexibility and a lot of coordination. In childhood, always present in dance festivals promoted by the school. It was the first athlete from Minas Gerais to participate in a Brazilian championship in this category by FEPAM (São Paulo Bodybuilding Federation), with excellent results and good placements. I benefited in many ways from sports. At the present time, besides an athlete, I am a bachelor in physical education, work as a personal trainer, a professor of collective gymnastics, choreographer and fitness model.

Since a child, I loved playing sports. I went to gymnast aerobics competitions, and at 18 years of age fell in love with bodybuilding and from there on I started to compete, through the choreography Fitness and Figure. I paused for a few years, and in mid-2011 I returned to competitions in the Miss Bikini International category.

First I want to say that I love being an athlete. Therefore, I believe that when you do something you love, you get good results. Of all the categories I have been competing, I never placed lower than third. Today I participate in the category Miss Bikini International, where the athlete can not have to apparent muscles, has to have a slightly trained body without strong markings, a harmonious and symmetrical physic. This category looks everything, posture, facial beauty, hair, healthy skin tone, bikini, production. Let’s say it’s like a beauty pageant, but for Miss Fitness.

Hard to say what attracts me the most, I like everything about it, even dieting I enjoy. I have a huge fascination with this sport, because with him I learned more discipline, more control, I became a stronger person, inwardly for scoring to dominate myself, to have willpower and discipline, because being a bodybuilder is not easy, having to give up many things, but honestly, I do everything with pleasure, because for me it became the philosophy of my life.

I have great ease in developing abs, triceps, and shoulder, wow, these muscles for me develop very easily, and I have to be very careful because I’m competing in the category that can not have the muscles of the upper limbs very developed. My greatest difficulty: quadriceps and calves, I have trouble defining them.

I always tried to train correctly and respecting my body, so I never had any type of injury or have hurt my training.

My favorite exercises are passes, squats, and sit-ups, I love it!

The exercise that I have less pleasure to practice is calves workout. After all, training, training and the result is small. This muscle is more genetic, and muscles that the result is very small, so do not really like not to stay exactly as I would like them, even when training straight.

As to my diet, I do not let my weight increase much, I always try to stay dry, even more than I have to in my category. I have to stay very small and therefore do not suffer too much with too strict diets and aerobic exercise. My weight is around 60 kg in “off-season”.

I love dieting, although I like to eat, to enjoy a chocolate, I have no difficulty in dieting, I do not suffer, since I try to eat well during the week and take a day of the weekend to eat what I like to.

My parents are my biggest supporters, because they know I was born to be an athlete, I do not know anything else to do than to be an athlete. When I’m not training, I like to read, relax, listen to music and stay close to my family.

I think to be an athlete is not just do like the workout, but to love, have dedication, discipline and lots of enthusiasm. Thanks to all of you who follow my work and have cheered for me, my very thanks. I wish you all great workouts and success!

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