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How I became a sponsored athlete for Suit You Competition Bikinis.

The ultimate goal for many athletes is to obtain a sponsorship with a desired company and get paid to do what they love, in this case, Competition Bikinis.

Most people believe that you must be an established, elite athlete to do so but fortunately this is not always the case! If you believe in yourself and your potential and find the right company that shares that confidence in you, then there is a great chance they will want to sponsor you towards your goals.

The first step towards becoming a sponsored athlete is to build an audience on social media.
Social media is probably the biggest form of marketing today, and I have quickly learned that having a large following will encourage companies to want to work with you.

Second thing I found out quickly is engagement! Fortunately I naturally did this, it just makes sense to be active with a company you like and in turn is promoting you! I’ve found most companies appreciate this the most and tend to be more generous!

Finding a company that markets towards your audience is key since you will be promoting their products. Depending on how much of an influencer you are, the sponsorships will vary and usually start out small… for example, 3 Instagram posts in exchange for merchandise or a paid amount.

The best way to start your journey as a sponsored athlete is to build an audience on social media and post quality content over quantity. Engage with your audience and offer fitness tips, giveaways, or advice!

Do some research and find companies you would like to work with, and then find a way to get in touch with them about working together. Eventually, you will find the right match and start the journey towards becoming a sponsored athlete!

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